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About the Motherlode 400!

Dear Participants, future participants and interested parties:

The Motherlode 400 is a two day vintage car rally that takes place on Father’s Day Weekend every year. The Rally is open to all Pre 1976 vehicles driven by fun, enthusiastic, friendly and competent drivers. The Motherlode 400 is challenging drive that will test both driver and machine. You will experience a mix of great people with interesting cars, while driving on twisty roads with incredible scenery. I look forward to sharing my lifelong appreciation of the Motherlode country with you over the next two days.

The Motherlode is a great area for sports car rallies. Historic towns deserted back roads with scenic vistas, and many other treats await you.

The success of the Motherlode 400 is dependant on you. Good sportsmanship, a healthy respect for others, and plain common sense, are the most important things you can bring with you. That and a well prepared vehicle of course!

This event is a self-guided tour. Participants please feel to drive your own pace and stop as much, or as little as you like. Remember all normal speed limits apply

But I need to remind you, this is not a race in any way. Please drive in a reasonable and prudent manner. All people who cannot drive that way will be asked to leave and will not be invited back.

Each years Motherlode 400 will explore a new area of the Motherlode with a similar format. I look forward to putting on this event and others like it for some time, so I hope you enjoy yourself and get a chance to learn a little bit more about the Motherlode!

Happy Driving

Josh Prentiss

2017 Motherlode Additional Information

Hey Motherloders,

This year’s event features an all new course and an optional Bonus Stage to get you to our Start Destination, which this year will be in Mariposa CA.

The Bonus Stage will start in SF at 10 am on Friday June 16. Event Organizer Josh Prentiss will lead Bonus State Participants on his secret back route to Mariposa.

More details will be sent to you upon entry.

We look forward to your attendance!

Happy Motoring Josh & Nupur Prentiss


2017 Copyright, Josh Prentiss

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